what is shralp!

All you ever wanted to know about shralp!, but never dared to ask

sharlp! started in fall 2005. This was when the Video iPod was the latest shit, YouTube was still a crying baby and iPhone was a useless brand owned by Cisco. Podcasting was the only reasonable way to distribute a video "magazine" online. So that's what I did: shralp! video podcast. It started in German (well I live in Munich) and I rented a server that had traffic for 500 downloads - a month. Boy did I pay extra, when all the kids got their Video iPod on Christmas and tried to get cool stuff to watch. Blankpaper came in to help produce new episodes. I switched to English to reach a global audience; and we started shralp surf! in May 2006, the same month Wired Magazine ran an article on video on the internet that included shralp! We even got some advertsing that helped to cover the costs and from 2009 - 2011 Oakley was the main sponsor. Download numbers were good (up top 100k per episode), kids were happy and in 2010 we created an app for Samsung Smart TVs - shralp! now could be watched on your TV.

But technology moves on and so do business models. In the last couple of years, the iTunes podcast directory became less and less important for video content distribution. Downloading wasn't necessary anymore, smartphone could connect to the net anytime: YouTube grew quickly and became big. In 2010 Blankpaper moved on to other projects and in fall 2011 Oakley cut the budget.

I pushed the pause button. This needs to done differently, I was thinking. shralp! always was a "hobby", but I wanted at least the costs to be covered. Now it's the last day in November 2012 - more than seven(!) years after the first episode of shralp and I am ready for a new season. The focus will be on YouTube, with support from the Mediakraft Network. I probably change the format away from "magazine" towards "news/blog posts", and I am working on a new web page. I am all excited about the new shralp! and expect the "hobby" to be more time consuming in the future.

I keep you posted.

Contact Information
Christian Miessner
Koelner Platz 2
80804 Muenchen (Germany)
+49 (89) 30 72 95 53
VAT-ID DE186900244